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Chiropractic Biophysics Advanced Certified Drs. in Midvale, Utah for Chronic Pain and Postural Correction Serving Midvale and Salt Lake City Area

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Dr. John Ratliff and Dr. Katalina Dean are your Advanced Certified CBP chiropractors in Midvale serving the Salt Lake City, Utah area for:

  • Scoliosis                           
  • Text neck
  • Chronic pain
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Poor posture i.e. forward head posture, slumping posture (hyperkyphosis)


  We approach health improvement by addressing nutrition and the nervous system. Postural displacements shown in the x-ray (At Right) may impair the body's health. (American Geriatric Society)

  With the Covid-19 virus causing anxiety and sickness around the world you should be taking all medical reccomendations seriously. Check with your Medical doctor if you are symptomatic with signs of Covid-19. If you are asymptomatic,   chiropractic adjustments  have been shown in preliminary studies to increase your immune system's ability to fight  illness. 

 Spinal Corrections (seen in the x-ray above and right) may be obtained using evidenced based Chiropractic Biophysics or CBP, and help restore lost spinal curves. Results are often dramatic with measurable health improvement. " 

CASE 1. the 2 photos on the right

The Shape Of The Spine Determines Function: The green line represents a normal posuture and the red line represents the person's real posture. The photo on the right shows a return to normal posture after 3 months of traction, exercises and appropriate hard bracing.

Loss of normal spinal curves or posture causes immediate decrease in spinal functioning. You may not feel it for a period of time but by the time the pain starts you may already be in a crises. Abnormal alignment causes damge to the spine and nervous system. Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is evidenced based with more than 200 research studies and multiple clinical trials conducted in the last 25 years. Chiropractic Biophysics methods have been proven to produce superior results with spinal misalignment even when other medical and chiropractic systems fail. Dr. Ratliff and Dr. Dean are ADVANCED certified  by CBP and  are part of a small elite group of doctors advanced certified in the state of Utah. CBP is a heavily researched treatment protocol published in many oof the top orthopedic journals around the world. Dr. Ratliff is also certified in the treatment of whiplash trauma and therefore specializes in the restoration of the cervical curve to help mitigate or prevent chronic whiplash syndrome. For scoliosis patients CBP methods offer new hope for curve reduction without surgery and relief from associated symptoms and related health issues.

As Midvale chiropractors serving Midvale and the Salt Lake area, We are dedicated to helping people get out of pain faster and more importantly, with more lasting results. Look to have your concerns addressed thoroughly, and answer your questions simply and clearly.

Please take the time to tour our website to learn more about our approach, or feel free to email us with your questions. Also, check out our massage therapist who is trained to complement your chiropractic experience.

Spinal problems seldom resolve on their own, and waiting may increase the amount of time necessary to turn your condition around. If you have Headaches, neck or back pain, call our Midvale office serving Salt Lake and schedule a Free consultation.

Mission Purpose

"Our purpose and specific goal is to bring about positive health changes in the lives of our patients through research based corrective spinal biophysics and sound nutrition. We want to inspire the individual to be motivated to change and obtain a more youthful and healthy life. We sincerely believe we can help you do just that." Dr. John Ratliff

Our Promise

"We challenge ourselves at Cottonwood Chiropractic. The status quo is usually the easier path where the patient is given pain pills  that may only mask the symptoms but ignore the cause of the problem. The status quo is also to continue to avoid the cause until surgery is required. We strive to listen to you and understand the problem, quickly go to the source and begin a path of correction. However, if we can't help you, we promise to help find someone who can." Dr. John Ratliff
CBP Certified

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