Scoliosis Treatment

Spine Diagram

Scoliosis is a complex abnormal curvature of the spine. To discover that you or your child, has been diagnosed with a scoliosis can be alarming. The cause for concern is elevated if the developing abnormal curve is aggressive. When parents find out a child has idiopathic (of unknown cause) scoliosis, they usually take them to an orthopedist because they don't know who else would have the ability to effectively treat the condition.

Generally, orthopedic surgeons may not be needed for scoliosis until the curve gets to a critical stage (40 to 60 degrees). Many doctors will manage the curve with some type of brace which may or may not help depending on the brace and the type of curve. The wrong brace may do harm or do nothing.

New Scoliosis Treatment in Midvale & Salt Lake, Utah

Fortunately, conservative care has improved recently with development of methods designed by Dr. Deed and Dr. Don Harrison from Chiropractic Biophysics. They have applied math engineering to a historical body of knowledge pertaining to scoliosis to help us understand how this 3 dimensional cork screw curve can be unraveled. They have been able to show improvement in both lumbar and thoracic curves. This is a simplistic explanation of a complicated problem, but a careful x-ray analysis followed by mirror image exercises, traction and spinal adjustments may be your best option to reduce and manage the curvature. We at Cottonwood Chiropractic have seen excellent changes for the last 6 years in many of our cases. This also includes the treatment of adult onset scoliosis and scoliosis due to short leg.

New CBP non surgical scoliosis treatment is now available in Midvale, Utah, for youth and adults to reduce, mitigate or correct the cork screw spinal curves and associated debilitating health issues often associated with scoliosis. Although the ground breaking research is 30 years in the making the system for scoliosis correction is new and provides renewed hope for people suffering with Scoliosis. The results are real, not only providing better symptom improvement but also measurable correction in most cases. We provide non surgical scoliosis care that is evidence based using mirror image exercises, gentle manipulation, and new 3 point bending traction developed by non profit Chiropractic Biophysics Research.

X-rays designed to stress the scoliotic spine while performing simple 2 or 3 dimensional exercises reveal which pattern of exercises and traction will have the most benefit for correction.

Different examples of corrective exercises

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Example of Scoliosis Traction

Pre and Post Xrays of Scoliosis Cases

We serve Midvale, Sandy, Murray, and Salt lake City, Utah. Dr. Ratliff is one of a few doctors trained and certified by Chiropractic Biophysics to treat scoliosis in Utah. Please bring in your old x-ray films and let us take new ones including stress X-rays for comparison. We will tell you if we can help with this difficult condition.

Cottonwood Chiropractic in Midvale also serving Sandy, Murray, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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