Pre & Post X-Ray Results

pre and post


This young man developed forward head posture and hunching mid back posture that was rapidly degenerating because of frequent use of gaming and texting devices.  Potential health risks include disc herniation in the neck at a young age, spinal fusion and heart conditions. A custom brace was designed and used to stop the process and restore a normal posture. Pre on the left. Post on the right.


Below are pre and post treatment x-rays of the neck conditions we see showing significant improvement in the alignment of the spinal curves relative to normal. These patients also demonstrated either resolution of symptoms or some degree of improvement. They also are expected to continue doing corrective exercises designed for their particular  curvature problems sometimes for a lifetime to help maintain their progress or continue improving.


pre and post x-rays


 This is a young woman who suffered with chronic neck pain and Migraine headaches for years. The severe reversal of the curve relative to the green line responded in just over 3months of corrective rehab resulting in a very nice curve in her neck and significantly reduced symptoms


Pre and Post X-rays


This difficult type of curve on the left is more unusual and always a challenge to correct. 2 way traction and a very specific exercise ( first done with x-ray to get the best result with the exercise) gave us a good result in the photo right. Headaches and neck symptoms improved.

                      PRE                                                                          POST         




This teacher came to us with frequent migraine headaches and lowback pain especially during her menstrual cycles. She was treated for full spine correction. Her low back curve (not shown here) improved as well as her neck clearly seen in the post x-ray. All of her symtoms including menstrual cramps improved dramatically.


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