Pre & Post X-Ray Results

These are pre-treatment and post-treatment x-rays showing marked improvement in the alignment of the spinal curves relative to normal. These patients also demonstrated either resolution of symptoms or improvement of symptoms.

Case #1

This 35 year old female had experienced chronic neck and arm pain for 1 year. Her symptoms disappeared in 2 weeks and The neck curve was restored in 4 months.

Case #2

This 79 year old male fell and broke his hip because of his forward head position. After 4 months of treatment his posture had improved as seen in the film on the right.

Case 3

Case #3

This 27 year old female herniated a disc in a car collision demonstrating a reversal of the normal cervical curve. After 9 months of care her symptoms in the neck and shoulder was minimal and her curve was normal on the right.

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