Arthritis Treatment


Arthritis Treatment & Pain Relief For Residents of Midvale, Sandy, Murray and Salt Lake City, Utah

by Dr. John Ratliff

A lot of people in Sandy, Midvale, Murray, and Salt Lake suffer daily with arthritic pain associated with degenerative joints. Many of them take daily doses of NSAIDS, tylenol, or narcotic pain medications. If you don't know already, popping pills is a dead end, maybe literally. If you really want lasting benefit without serious side affects, you need to address the cause of the condition. Did you know that osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis is usually caused by misalignment of the spine, pelvis, knees or feet. It's similar to the tires on your car wearing out because your car is out of alignment. You can replace the tires, but it won't stop the problem.You may be able to replace your knees and ankles or fuse your spine, but none of that solves the alignment problems. Don't you think conservative structural rehab should be the first option and surgery the last?

So, what should you do? There is a newly proven Chiropractic treatment protocol called Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) that allows us to detect abnormal spinal alignment, measure it, quantify it and using a regimen of mirror image exercises, mirror image traction, and spinal adjustments, reestablish core strength and proper muscle reeducation that brings the spinal curves back into realignment under gravity. Thirty years of research and over 130 published studies and clinical trials back it up. Pain scales have shown a significant drop and disability scores improve. Even more telling, re-xray of the spine usually shows objective improvement in the curves of the spine and increases of the joint space height in the neck have occasionally been noted.

If we find the problem is in the feet, often we can restore proper foot mechanics by prescribing evidence based Sole Supports. These are custom orthotics which can prevent foot arthritis, neuromas, plantar fascitis and even knee conditions that lead to knee replacement.

If you are suffering from joint arthritic pain in the spine, hips,knees, ankles or feet call for an appointment at 801-562-2400. Find out if you might meet criteria for CBP treatment. Take advantage of our online opportunity.

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