Chronic Pain Treatment


News for Midvale Residents Suffering with Chronic Pain

by Dr. John Ratliff

The Dilemma

Over-Using Pills Is A Bad Choice

People of Midvale, Utah suffering with Chronic neck and low back pain face a serious dilemma. They must choose either to live with chronic pain or use pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills frequently or daily to mask the condition.

Most Salt Lake area residents who experience chronic headaches, neck, back, foot and knee pain rely on pain meds or anti- inflammatory drugs to mitigate the nightmare. However, they may be on a slippery slope because continuous use of pills can have very serious side affects." You simply cannot take pain pills or nsaids over long periods of time and not potentially threaten your health," says Dr. John Ratliff. He continues, "Heart attacks, strokes, liver failure, and addiction are some of the common problems with over usage of medications and really all you are doing is masking the pain, never discovering nor treating the cause of chronic pain."

Long term use of any of those types of medications can be dangerous. For example long term use of Nsaids like Ibuprofen can result in heart attacks, strokes, and other serious conditions. Tylenol can cause sudden liver failure. Percocet may create an addiction.

One Likely Cause Of Chronic Pain Is Poor Posture

Dr. Ratliff has treated thousands of people in the Salt Lake area effectively for all types of pain including chronic pain. Usually, the underlying cause of their pain is spinal misalignment or poor posture. The spinal column is a wonderfully balanced and complex structure that provides protection for the nervous system and gives core strength to the body. When poor alignment or poor posture develops after trauma, years of abusive daily activities or even from fatigue and stress, gravity literally starts to collapse you down. This can lead to degenerative arthritis, damaged muscles, joints and nerves. Sooner or later, pain syndromes such as chronic neck, low back and knee pain result.

Neck Massage

The Alternative

The answer to the above dilemma is to look to better natural solutions.I am CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics) trained and certified.Evaluation of the structural integrity of your spine can reveal poor postural alignment that puts added stress on spinal joints, sensitive nerves, and muscles potentially leading to degenerative arthritis, nerve damage, chronic pain , disability and poor health. CBP methods are proven to treat spinal misalignment that often results in chronic pain.

If you live in Midvale or in the Salt Lake area please take advantage of the special offer on the home page and see if your chronic pain might be helped by this cutting edge method of Chiropractic treatment.

Spinal Remodeling Can Provide Dramatic Relief For Many Utah Residents

As good as conventional chiropractic adjustments are for pain, chiropractic called CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics) deals with restoration of spinal curves so important for maintaining proper posture. Using state of the art methods proven effective with over 165 research studies and clinical trials, CBP is able to get more dramatic results and more lasting relief usually without the need for drugs or surgery. Salt Lake People may think their spines are what they are and give in to chronic pain. There is a real solution. Posture can change! Curves can change with spinal remodeling using mirror image exercises, adjustments, and proven 2 way traction. Results are often dramatic. Patients feel like they have regained youth and vitality back without pain, fatigue or disability.


Chronic Spinal Pain: Results from a randomized clinical trial comparing Medication, Acupuncture, and Spinal manipulation (or Chiropractic adjustments).

Spine, July 15, 2003; 28(14): 1490-1502

The study is a medical study published in the prestigious journal, Spine, July 15, 2003, which demonstrated the superiority of chiropractic adjustments over celebrex, vioxx, and acupuncture in treating chronic spine pain.

Treatment Drugs (Celebrex or Vioxx) Acupuncture Chiropractic Adjustments
Years of Chronic Pain 4.5 or 6.4 4.5 or 6.4 8.3
Asymptomatic Within 9 Weeks 5% 9.4% 27.3%
Suffered Adverse Events 6.1% 0% 0%
Improved General Health Status 18% 15% 47%

A follow up long term study in a randomized clinical trial published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Janusry 2005, concluded that patients with chronic spinal pain syndromes, chiropractic adjustments, may be the only treatment modality of the assessed treatment protocols that provides significant or substantial long term pain relief and health benefit.

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