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by Dr. John Ratliff

People of Midvale and the Salt lake area who put up with chronic or frequent headaches may not be aware that their headaches don't generally start in the head but frequently come from the neck. Abnormal curve alignment in the upper neck cause around 65% of all headaches. Many people feel like headaches are just normal for them. Not true, but it can be hard to give them up if you don't no where to start.

Specific small nerves that exit from the spinal column in the upper neck are irritated from poor posture, or forward head posture from activities like texting and computer work . Other nerves go into the brain and communicate with important cranial nerves. Blood vessels influenced by nerves can also be a source of headaches. Any of those scenarios can create a pretty wicked headache. Some are tension headaches and some are migraine type headaches.

Obviously there are successful types of treatments including different types of medications, even Botox injections. But if nothing seems to work except taking frequent doses of pain meds maybe you need to start looking elsewhere for relief. Chronic use of pills is a slippery slope that can lead to serious side affects.

I practice a specific type of chiropractic called CBP or Chiropractic Biophysics which is evidence based and  targets your abnormal curve alignment or postural distortion to help restore balance and bring more lasting natural headache relief. The spinal biophysics method can usuallly control or get rid of those headaches and help you avoid dependence on pills. You might just give those headaches up for good.

If you live in Midvale or the Salt Lake area, and are interested to see if you can benefit from this cutting edge, evidence based treatment, call Cottonwood Chiopractic at 801-562-2400.


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