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Neck Pain


Have you had a problem finding a good chiropractor to help you in the Salt Lake area? Cottonwood Chiropractic is right in the middle of the valley and we do more than just get you out of pain. Our aim is to treat the cause of neck and back pain by restoring postural alignment. Affects are more dramatic, results more lasting.

We use a technique called Chiropractic Biophysics which is proven to provide dramatic results in most cases. Yes, it helps stop the pain but it also helps prevent the gradual decline of the spine structure, the core strength of your body.

Gravity is the number one enemy of anybody with neck and back pain. It will literally attempt to collapse down the spine weakened by pain or misalignment. It can rob you of your youth before your time. Instead of youth and vitality it is replaced by pain and disability. You owe it to yourself to fight back against gravity with a skilled team effort by the chiropractor and you.

If you live in Cottonwood Heights and suffer from neck pain or other spinal conditions, give us a call to schedule a free consultation with the Doctor.

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