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Do We Take Responsibility For Our Health?

by Dr. John Ratliff

Most of us would like to think that we strive to live our lives to our full potential. Of course it helps if we are healthy. Personally, I want to be youthful and active as long as I can so I can accomplish my goals in life and enjoy my family even when I am old. However, do we always take responsibility for our bodies' state of vitality or do we coast through life allowing ourselves to deteriorate from lack of personal discipline? Are we reaching our potential?. Do we depend on medicine to make up the difference for our lack of will? Is it really easier to wait until we are sick and expect the doctor to fix us? That may be an unrealistic expectation.  For example, let's look at an unrealistic dependence on antibiotics.

Medicine Giveth and It Taketh Away

I grew up a baby boomer in the fifties. I remember vividly my experiences at Dr. Ingles office in Montebello, California. He was the last word on heath as far as I could tell. I would go to his office frequently as a child for various check ups and ailments. The final act of the visit is the part I remember the best. I would stand next to the weight scale against the wall, bend over, hands up against the wall. The nurse would then slip the corner of my jeans down, and a shot of penicillin would be administered rather abruptly. The brutality of the shot was tempered by a tongue depressor tied to a balloon immediately placed in my small grip. Penicillin was heavily overused used in those days for just about everything from viruses to bacteria alike, even though it didn't affect viruses.

If we fast forward to today, unfortunately, things haven't changed all that much. Antibiotics continue to be chronically misused or overused. Some doctors may feel pressure from patients to do something to treat the condition, even if they know it is a self limiting disease.

As a result, bacteria are more and more resistant to drugs and people are becoming immune to antibiotics. Hospitals are fighting an increasingly difficult fight against tough bacteria that thrive in the hospital environment. Often it takes multiple drugs to defeat a strain of Staph.

Doctors and patients need to be more prudent making sure an antibiotic is really necessary. Patients should ask their doctor if they really need it and doctors must be willing to do the right thing, even if it is to do nothing. Life saving antibiotics must be saved for life threatening conditions, otherwise we may find ourselves in a bad place where medicine might not give life but rather take it away. Shockingly, medical care is the 3rd leading cause for death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer. America, however, leads the world in successful crises intervention. So the question becomes how do we prevent illness to avoid visits to the hospital until we absolutely need it.

Fight The Good Fight

People must take more responsibility for their own well being. There are lots of common sense things people can do to take control and be healthier. Nutrition, proper sleep, exercise, and yes chiropractic, all contribute to better health. These few suggestions for prevention may just keep you out of the hospital . The best chiropractor is one who is certified and trained in Chiropractic Biophysics. He can help correct serious postural deficiencies and give you advice about nutrition, sleeping, and exercise.

Not surprisingly people in Midvale and in Utah don't realize that poor posture can affect health dramatically. Poor posture or poor spinal alignment impacts health over time. The nervous system is hard wired via the spinal column to the immune system. When posture or misalignment of the spinal column suffers you may experience low back pain, neck pain, headaches, or just fatigue, which most people understand. However, did you know as gravity breaks down your posture the immune system can be weakend leaving bodies battered, fatigued, and susceptible to illness.

A healthy spine and musculo-skeletal structure is an important factor in maintaining health and vitality through out life but can be critical in setting the stage for a productive life in the forties and beyond. If your are having symptoms like headaches, back pain, and other joint problems, it's time to take action and take control.

If you live in Midvale, Murray, or the Salt Lake Utah area don't take your health for granted. Be proactive. Have your spine checked regularly for postural decline and spinal misalignment. Let us show you how to get your life back with proper nutrition, exercise, and and Postural realignment. Experience your body's optimal measure of health and vitality during each stage of your life through sound principles of Health and Wellness.

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