Spinal Biophysics & Chiropractic Rehab

                              Eliminate Chronic Pain and disease at the Source

Chiropractic Biophysics

 Exercises, massage, injections and medications can be helpful and beneficial contributors for the patient managing spine pain.  However, long term correction utilizing "Spinal Biophysics" is a new treatment protocol that finally helps locate the source of pain and disease in the spine and help eliminate it.

 Our Drs. understand that abnormal stress under gravity is one of the body's main enemies and if normal alignment of the spine has been altered becuase of sudden or repetitive injury, causing temporary or permanent changes to the spine like forward head posture or rounding and hunching shoulders, this may  harm the body's nervous system, weaken the immune system and overall health. Eventually, the weakened spine results in recurring pain and disability. It can also lead to chronic use of anti-inflamatory meds or opiods. Both types of drugs can be  dangerous when used to manage chronic pain without close medical supervision.

 Digital x-ray and advanced computer software give us the tools to measure deviations from normal spinal alignment. We are able to track down the specific source and eliminate much of the cause of back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other related health conditions originating from the spine. We use a proven technique,  consisting of specific custom mirror image exercises, 2 way traction and gentle spinal adjustments to re-establish normal alignment. Results are often dramatic and can be seen on post x-rays.

 Dr. Dean and Dr. Ratliff, who are advanced certified and trained in Chiropractic Bio-phyisics. They may also be able to predict future vulnurable (non-painful) areas and prevent future damage.This may help you achieve optimal functioning and better health for a lifetime.

 Research is what helps make Chiropractic Biophysics different from other therapies with over 240 studies published, many in top medical journals like " Spine" and "The Journal of Spinal disorders and Technique". 

For more information regarding Chiropractic BioPhysics, please come in and talk with a doctor, or go to CBP non-profit on the internet for research information.

                                                                           RESULTS YOU CAN SEE

Chiropractic Biophysics

                                                               Pre - CARE                                                             Post - CARE

This patient  was suffering from headaches and neck pain as a result of abnormal spinal alignment demonstrated by the red line in the photo on the left. The photo on the right shows restored normal alignment on the green line. The patient also experienced improvement of symptoms and the dramatic shift in the curve after only 3.5 months of corrective care.

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