Auto Injuries & Whiplash Spinal Correction


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Common  Symptoms

Neck Pain~ Headaches~ Fatigue 

~Anxiety~Shoulder Pain ~Low Back Pain~ Sleep Disturbance

~ Numbness~ Dizziness~ Disc Herniations

Whiplash injuries can be a nightmare. Emergency room doctors rule out life threatening conditions but often disregard painful soft tissue injuries of the neck and spine. This oversight can leave a person with nagging or even permanent whiplash symptoms 

Symptoms of whiplash injuries like headaches and neck pain often show up long after your car has been repaired. Changes in the  spinal curve of the neck shown above on the left can lead to chronic neck pain and headaches. The normal curve should be between 20 and 40 degrees. The curve on the left was 6 degrees with a buckle of the arc midway. After rehab the buckle was gone and the curve measured 32 degrees. The patient's neck pain and headaches were 90% improved.

Cottonwood Chiropractic uses the evidence based spinal biophysics system that is a proven treatment protocol with over 200 research papers published, many in the top medical journals. Treatment is able to deal effectively in most cases with soft tissue injuries and correct abnormal spinal curves that result crash trauma even when other systems fail. You can often avoid painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.In 2 clinical trials, both non-randomized, improvement averaged over 40% in curve restoration. Neck Pain relief was significant and sustained in other research studies. People in Midvale and the Salt Lake area of Utah don't need to live with Neck pain or headaches.

Dr. Ratliff is certified in Spine Trauma and Clinical Management of Whiplash Injuries. He is CBP trained and has finished advanced courses. You can depend on the Doctors at Cottonwood Chiropractic and Spinal Biophysics to use advanced imaging techniques including Digital high frequency X-ray to diagnose your injuries accurately and measure alignment issues with sophisticated computer software to provide the most researched structural treatment protocols to help get your life back. Most services are covered 100% by your insurance. If you live in Midvale, or Salt lake, Utah, call our Midvale office now for a consultation at

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